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Recent Reviews and Videos

Just a couple of All Blacks taking a hit of K-Pow Hot Sauce!

K-Pow Kev tasting some home grown chillies.


Johnny Scoville reviewing K-Pow Spicy Plum sauce!

The man himself, Johnny Scoville reviewing the actual bottle of sauce that won the NZ Hot Sauce Festivals Homemade Sauce competition!!  Johnny asked if he could take the bottle back home with him to the good 'ol USA he liked it so much, and he even got me to sign the bottle, my very first autograph 😊

The Heat Hunters Review both K-Pow Spicy Plum and K-Pow Mexican Habanero sauces!

The guys, Justin and Paul from The Heat Hunters have done an awesome review of both of our sauces. Justin is the current New Zealand chilli eating champ from the 2019 NZ Hot Sauce Festival and Paul wasn’t too far behind him. These guys are doing some great things to promote the NZ chilli scene and Justin is heading to the UK in October to have a crack at the World Chilli Eating title. It’s awesome these guys took the time to review our sauce, so check it out and please like and subscribe to their channel.