Hot Plum Sauce
Hot Plum Sauce

Hot Plum Sauce

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Based on our award winning Spicy Plum sauce, which we make using Habanero chillies, this version has been ramped up even further by using Ghost PeppersCarolina Reapers, Black Nagas, Red Morugas, Moruga Scorpians & Yellow 7 Pot Primos, which are 6 of the worlds hottest chilli peppers!!  This sauce is no joke, and is for those that are looking for that same sweet, fruity plum flavour but with a real kick of heat.  We only make this sauce in small batches of around 25 bottles, so don't always have it available, so if you want it, get in there and get yourself a bottle, and see how you handle the heat.

Bottle size: 150ml

Heat Rating:  8.5/10

Allergen Warnings: Made with Malt Vinegar which contains Barley (Gluten).