The Ring of Fire - Multi Pack (3 Bottles) - Save 20%

The Ring of Fire - Multi Pack (3 Bottles) - Save 20%

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1 x Bottle of Mexican Habanero - 7/10 Heat

1 x Bottle of Hot Plum - 8.5/10 Heat

1 x Bottle of The King Hit - 10/10 Heat

This multi-pack has 1 bottle of each of our 3 hottest sauces, these are 3 of the hottest sauces you'll find anywhere in New Zealand and would normally cost $50 for the 3 sauces combined, but we've packaged them up for you for only $40, that's a saving of 20% on the regular price.

Sauce Descriptions:

Our MEXICAN HABANERO sauce is styled on the house sauces used in the Sonora region of North West Mexico.  It’s choc full of Habanero chillies and has a real fiery heat.  It goes with pretty much everything, but will add awesome flavour and heat to chicken wings, eggs, curries, chillies, soups, tacos, pizza and dumplings, or just dip your chips in it.  Bottle size: 150ml

Our HOT PLUM is based on our award winning Spicy Plum sauce, which we make using Habanero chillies, this version has been ramped up even further by using Ghost PeppersCarolina Reapers, Black Nagas, Red Morugas, Moruga Scorpians & Yellow 7 Pot Primos, which are 6 of the worlds hottest chilli peppers!!  This sauce is no joke, and is for those that are looking for that same sweet, fruity plum flavour but with a real kick of heat.  We only make this sauce in small batches of around 25 bottles, so don't always have it available, so if you want it, get in there and get yourself a bottle, and see how you handle the heat.  Bottle size: 150ml

The King Hit is a straight-up, no mucking around hot sauce loaded with Carolina Reapers, there are at least 8 full-sized Reapers in every bottle! This is only for those people who like it extremely hot and stacked full of flavour. You can add this to anything to give it an instant kick of heat, but be warned, it does have a serious kick, so use with caution.  Bottle size: 100ml