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The Thrill for the Grill - TEXAS BBQ - Multi Sauce Pack (3 Bottles) - Save 11%

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1 x Bottle of Texas BBQ - 3/10 Heat

1 x Bottle of Spicy Plum - 5/10 Heat

1 x Bottle of Mexican Habanero - 7/10 Heat

This multi sauce pack contains 3 of the best sauces you'll find to go with your BBQ grilling.  This would normally cost $44.97 for these 3 sauces combined, but we've packaged them up for you for only $39.99, that's a saving of 11% on the regular price.

There's a bottle of our TEXAS BBQ that goes great with anything from the grill.  You can use it as a marinade, or on your burgers, or as a glaze for your ribs or a dipping sauce for your slow-cooked pulled pork, it's a super versatile sauce that goes with just about anything off the grill.  Bottle size:  250ml

Then there's our award-winning SPICY PLUM, this sauce goes fantastic with pork, whether that's pork sausages, pork chops or slow-cooked pulled pork, this will add that fruity sweetness and heat that goes so well with the richness of the pork.  It's also outstanding as a side sauce for your steaks.  Bottle size:  150ml

The last bottle in the pack is also the hottest, our MEXICAN HABANERO is a solid 7/10 in terms of heat and will make the best spicy bbq chicken wings you've ever had.  It's full of the amazing tasting and very spicy Habaneros, along with just the right amounts of garlic and oregano to make for a very balanced proper hot sauce.   Try it on your homemade pizzas, it'll make everything better.  Bottle size:  150ml

 Plant based and made in New Zealand.